Here we have a weapon pickup from this hobby project. From left to right: random weapon, bouncing bomb, homing missile, missile, shield, laser beam, emp burst, wall, and tnt. The properties of these are explained in a video below which also happens to show them working in vr.

I also created a custom client-side prediction based bouncing physics projectile that gives the user the illusion of zero ping/lag. In the first video below the black bomb is the client shooting the instant they click the mouse button. The blue bomb is the actual server representation (color difference for illustration). This is what everyone else sees. As you can see the two bombs eventually merge up, destroying the client version, leaving only the server side bomb which is global for everyone. In this example the client shooting has a 250ms ping! In a non-demonstration view the client never sees the server bomb until his client bomb and the server bomb line up which then destroys the client and unhides the server bomb giving them the illusion of zero lag. This is all done with an efficient blueprint macro.