This showcases a skeletal rig that allows for dynamic animation by a hovercraft air bag as it moves over obstacles in the world. As you can see in the screenshots below the bag will deform to the rock beneath it without affecting the physics vehicle unless the compression/bag air pressure hits a specific value where then the vehicle would push back downward. This is a 100% from scratch custom physics vehicle that is also replicated. You can see below how well I was able to replicate hovercraft like movement. The system is very flexible to be adapted to other arcade like vehicle movement. I was heavily influenced by the warthog physics from Halo: CE. I also have a video below of some racing AI I created. I turned off collision and assigned colors so you can better see the paths they take without trying to run each other off the road! There is no adjustment of speed, steer angles, or different way-point locations to achieve variability. All of them have the same vehicle attributes; the only difference is in how well they make decisions, primarily which racing lines to take. As you watch you can noticeably see when a vehicle makes a good decision on which sort of racing line to take, just as a human driver would.