Design, project management, all programming, level design/build-out, lighting, vfx, and shaders.

Notable Successes
- World's first commercial project to use, at the time unreleased, vive trackers to track a ball in vr. 
- Overcame the technological constraint of no button use to throw the ball. I calculated velocity, ball position, and user's arm length to time the launch of the ball outward with realistic physics.
- Attaching the tracker puck to the ball was eventually done by using a Samsung Gear 360° camera tripod and craft wire. I used the wire to tension secure the tripod to the nose of the ball by running the wire down the seams of the ball, wrapping it a few times, and it effectively hide it from view with a secure connection.
- This project was completed alongside the British Telecom Mobile VR project over the course of 4 weeks with the help of a single 3d artist. 
Project Description
Create a rugby themed vr experience to be deployed in the BT luxury box at the 2017 Hong Kong Sevens tournament. Our constraints were that it had to be a one minute experience, interactive, and utilize running leaderboards throughout the 3 day event. The user would go through the motions of throwing a rugby pass but stop short of actually releasing the ball to throw it in vr. This gave users the experience of throwing within the tight constraints of 2m x 1.5m area. Each ring would explode as the ball went through informing the user of their success and removing rings from the playing field to make it easier to narrow down their next target.