Concept: Participant in product design - lone developer for environment design/build-out, lighting, animations, and cinematics.
Prototype: Integral member in design, procurement, construction, and presentation. 

Notable Successes
- Creation of two new unique ways to dispense coffee flavoring. 
- Client went on to contract us to manufacture the Helix machine, as seen in photos above, a few weeks following completion of the cinematics.  
- From scratch to cinematic took 4 weeks. 7+ people in the initial design phase then myself + a single 3d artist for the cinematic.
- Invented a functional coffee flavoring dispensing prototype.
Project Description
We needed to invent/design a new way to dispense coffee flavoring that did not use a pump dispenser like you find in Starbucks. The original agreement is the client would choose one idea and we would create a cinematic for it, but they couldn't decide between these two so we got to up-sell them to create an additional cinematic. Beyond that the client was so impressed they awarded us a $200,000 contract to build a prototype of the double helix machine. We invented a new machine and built it in house. We started the project as software engineers and finished it as mechanical engineers.