Design, all programming, level design/build-out, lighting, vfx, and shaders.

Notable Successes
- Overcoming the drowning feeling in vr by stopping the rising of the water at the player's waist and only flooding the room if they actually put their head underwater leaving them to be completely immersed when they stood back up with fish swimming around them.
- Creating smooth scene transitions with sequencer by utilizing particle effects and dissolve/undissolve material shaders.
- Implementing google analytics to track player movement, gaze, time spent at windows watching video, and how many people ran to the chair for safety when the floor beneath them dissolved away during the sky diving scene. The client was very pleased to have real-time statistics that they could use to target the prospective customer.
Project Description
We were tasked with showcasing "The happiest place on Earth." We built a 4m x 4m Fijian hut with a replica business class seat in the center of the hut. The hut and chair were replicated in virtual reality so the user would be able to sit down, stand up, walk up to windows, grab the edge, and lean out while wearing the headset. We showcased various cgi scenes paired with real world video from Fiji outside the windows of the hut. The 4 scenes were rainforest, coral reef, sky diving, and sunset on a beach.