Design, all programming, 50% of the art was provided by client & I was responsible for the rest, UI/UMG polish, and endless runner level build-out.

Notable Successes
- Less than a minute training time per user when it normally takes hours for respectable accuracy. Overcame this by training 50+ coworkers to build a baseline training profile that each user in live deployment would add to. This gave me pretty reasonable accuracy but was enhanced by slightly weighting the latest training session.  
- Was fool proof enough that on site staff could simply turn it on and run a continuous cycle of users without hiccups. 
- Gameplay integrated training/instructions.
- Basic AI that would play, but not post to leaderboards to ensure that the game was never idle which would help attract people passing by.
- I was pretty happy with the weighted random algorithm I came up with to spawn pickups, obstacles, and floor pieces that relied on data tables to store and organize different gameplay information 
- Completed in less than 3 weeks.
Project Description
We created an infinite runner that utilizes an EEG headset to jump over obstacles. The players would increase their speed with certain pickups and would decrease the affect of gravity when picking up others allowing them to jump further. If they hit a banana the character would lose speed and the goal was to get the maximum distance. When the time ran out an emblem would be placed in the level showing their distance, that then was persistent across multiple runs. It implemented data capture that recorded the player's name, company, email address, and score that spit out to a .csv file that the company could then later use for follow up marketing.